Johor Bahru 21/12/13: It was a night to remember. It was a show of splendour. A show that marks the end of a wondrous season 2013 but the beginning of a new, brighter and colourful, much anticipated season 2014. Clearly TMJ has manifested his mission statement tonight.

The crowd came as early as 3pm for the obvious reason to Larkin Stadium today. The unveiling of the new Nike JDT Jersey and our line-up of players plus the artist performance and fireworks display, have certainly excite them. The bulk of the audience definitely came from the most staunch of supporters, Boys of Straits, Johor Fan Club and the Flagpole Boys. We salute you. They came at around 4pm and set base and almost immediately started their sacred chant. They have started their show even before the event loud speakers were turned on, and the rest of the folks came trickling in and became close to 12000 strong.


Emcee Aidil Ghafar knows how to rouse the audience. With a synopsis on the gloomy years of Malaysian and Johor football in general till the era awaken by TMJ that sparked a national phenomena, it was followed by a deafening show of loyalty to TMJ by the audience.

Upon asking permission from TMJ after the royal speech to proceed with the show, Aidil announce the grand entrance onto the pitch and on stage each one of JDT players starting with, by numerical order our goal keeper Norazlan Razali and followed by Azizi Matt Rose. The rest followed in one at a time with Pablo Aimar, Nurul Azwan Roya and Luciano ‘Lucho’ Figueroa taking the most high pitched cheer.


We too are overwhelmed by the spectacular show of fireworks and performance by Amira AF, Joe Flizzow, One Nation MC and Tam Spider.    IMG_8195

The Nike jersey worn by our players outshine even the stars that wears them. With 3 sets for the home, away and alternate matches, it would even trembles the enemy just by looking at it. Such is the impact we’d love to see.


Not to forget prior to the line-up, the hall of fame award ceremony dedicated to PBNJ ex Vice President and Deputy President Dato’ Suleiman Mohd Noor for his contribution to the golden era of Johor Football between 1967 to 1996. He was considered as ‘The Godfather’ of Johor football and the honour was presented by TMJ himself. It was certainly a touching moment to a man who once lifted the name of Johor football in the country unparallel till now.

Will the achievements set by Dato’ Suleiman be savoured again and the new set of jerseys be the witness to it? I’m sure we can do far better with the set of new guns who wears them.

Expand Thy Prowess Johor!!!