Datuk Abdul Latif Bandi

At the moment Johor Darul Ta’zim FC (JDT) are on the right track. In terms of finances, we have spent big because since HRH Crown Prince of Johor took over the club, JDT is the first club in the country to be privatised. We also have plans suggested by His Royal Highness and we have been shown ways to strengthen the club’s financial stability by ensuring we always have savings and annual budgets for us to use. JDT is also the first club that do not receive any funds from the government and all our funds are from our sponsors investing in Johor. All the money we have is deposited in the JDT SULTAN IBRAHIM account, which requires only one signature from HRH Crown Prince of Johor to perform any withdrawal. Hence, all expenditures are within control and this is one of the reasons JDT’s finances are well managed.

We have invested heavily because we are managing three stadiums i.e. the Tan Sri Dato Haji Hassan Yunos Stadium, the Pasir Gudang Municipal Council Stadium, and the Taman Ungku Tun Aminah Stadium as well as the training centres at Padang Seri Gelam and Padang Mawar, on top of all the latest and most high-tech equipment for the players’ usage and recovery. Many cannot deny that we are the most advanced team and always moving forward on and off the pitch. We have achieved success after success because HRH Crown Prince of Johor invests the club’s money prudently on matters with high chances of success. One example is getting valuable players who can be sold so that the club can recoup the money spent or even make a profit. JDT is also the only club in the country with foreign players that can be sold to other countries. For your knowledge, our budget at the start of the project is RM35m in the first year (2013). We increased it to RM45m in 2014 and RM60m in 2015 and 2016. We did not spend all the funds just on our competing teams but also on grassroots football programmes from as early as 8 years old i.e. school level to the main squad, as well as on advanced and high-tech equipment and facilities. We also spent RM15m to build our indoor training centre.

As per HRH Crown Prince of Johor’s decree, for year 2017, we will reduce the budget to balance our finances because it needs to be strengthened every year and this is why we have suggested the establishment of the JDT FOUNDATION, where fans can be shareholders of the club and send representatives to have meetings with the club to understand the club’s direction and plans. The fans can also ask about what is being done with the money from the fan contributions to the JDT Foundation because every month we will release a financial statement to the fans to inform them on all expenditures and its costs. On a separate note, the depreciation of ringgit at the moment has caused us to reduce our spending on foreign players.

The budget reduction in 2017 was also because we need to spend money for the construction of the new stadium. The new stadium is the first plan of HRH Crown Prince of Johor for the club to have the most advanced stadium in the country with the most modern facilities. Therefore, our focus is not only on size, but also on quality. The initial budget was RM150 million, but after getting all the results, we will spend RM300 million or RM400 million for a new stadium with a strong overall facility that will make it the best and most advanced football stadium in the country.

This budget also includes the developement of the new academy located beside Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) in Kulai. We will come out with RM25 million in advance for the construction of the training center that can fit five fields (two synthetic fields and three normal ones), hostel, office and classrooms. This is the first step for the academy, and soon after that, we will build another 20 fields as ordered by HRH Crown Prince Of Johor. The academy will have extra 15 fields and a few will be rented to the public. It will similar to our plans for JDT Sports City that will be located beside the new stadium at Iskandar Puteri. That is my report for this year, thank you and keep on supporting the Southern Tigers.

For your information, the JDT FOUNDATION will be launched in mid January next year. I’ve been instructed by HRH Crown Prince Of Johor to have a session with the fans every month whereby they will be showing the financial reports of the club and the amount of money in the account as JDT is the only transparent club in this country. Hidup Johor Demi Johor.

YB Datuk Haji Abd Latif Bin Haji Bandi,
Honorary Treasurer Johor Darul Ta’zim FC

Hidup Johor Demi Johor

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