Q: Good evening Tunku. In the past few days there have been alot of talk in town about your meeting with The Honourable Prime Minister. Many are curious about what transpired during the meeting.

A: I believe that there are so many other Royals and politicians who meets with the Prime Minister but everyone seems to be interested and curious about my meeting with Dato Sri Najib. Everyone are more interested on what Crown Prince of Johor is saying compared to the other VVIPs. During the meeting, I voiced out my concerns about the political situation, the country as a whole and most importantly my state of Johor. I want to know what are the government’s policies and principles. I also voiced my opinion on giving opportunities to talented youths to play a bigger role in building this country. These are the issues that I brought up with the Prime Minister apart from other current issues in the country. Dato Sri Najib also shared his views and opinions with me. I also voiced out not only my concerns but also the voice of the rakyat. When I have a problem, the beauty is I am able to confront the person and discuss the problem, handling it like a gentleman. I don’t hide behind computers and only write in facebook and I am certainly not a coward, throwing stones and then running away. I like to be direct and tackle problems that I have immediately. When i have a problem, I voice it out, explain my concerns and discuss how it should be handled and also sharing my views on it. I don’t like to hide problems like certain leaders who just wants a free holiday or lobbying certain projects. At the end of the day, I do all this for one intention only and that is for us to progress as a nation and obviously about my stand on education and corruption. I will continue to speak out and give my views to the leaders of this country for the benefit of the Johorean peole. Other than that, my personal conversation between Dato Sri Najib and myself is between me and him. Its nobody’s business.


Q: What are your comments on the football?

A: Football is doing ok. We are doing very very well, from our Under-12s all the way to our senior team. The project that we have established since 2013 with its philopsophy, you can start seeing the results today. Not only are we producing young talents but we are also buying young talents to make sure they play outside of Malaysia. I have 5 players that are going to Valencia and another 5 who will be going to Japan to train with Hokkaido FC. I will continue to establish more relationships in Spain and having a more solid foundation there and I am really interested to buy properties there because I can foresee that I will be working together with the Spainish football for a long time. I’m also planning to go to the Japan also. The idea is for JDT to expand its powers.

Q: Tunku, what are your views on the Malaysia Cup?

A: I always mention that Malaysia Cup is a very prestigious trophy but it is never our target and priority. I have said numerous times that our target is always the league and the FA Cup as these are the competitions that qualifies us for the AFC competitions. To just be in the quarter-finals of the AFC Cup is considered a huge achievement and I am very grateful. We don’t have to win it but it is important to know how far we can go, as one of the leading teams in South East Asia.

Q: Tunku, what is youe reaction on FAM and the pendrive issue?

A: I have said many times, if I reveal everything, I will jeopardise my informer. I still want to keep him there so he can continue to inform me on what is happening in FAM. So why should reveal? All the information I have is between me and FAM. I don’t know why there are so many busy bodies. To me, there are certain individuals who are not contributing should just resign. There will come a time where these individuals will leave FAM and replaced by new faces.


Q: Is there any messages that Tunku would like to give to the fans?

I am very disappointed with the attendance at the stadium because when we first started building this club together back in 2013, I saw a lot of potentials and could generate alot of income for the club. However, when I see the attitude of fans I become very disheartened. When I announced the building of a new stadium with a capacity of 35,000 people everyone ask why only 35,000 and that it should be bigger. Last night’s attendance did’t even reach 7,000 fans. This is not the first time it has happened. I have realised this since the beginning of the season and also last year. To those who can’t accept what I am doing, that is your problem, but if want your club to progress and excel, you need to do your part as fans. Don’t just wait for matches against big teams. Regarding online ticketing system, we are in the final stages in implementing the system to ease everyone’s problem. Once implemented, if the attendance is still low, I will just build a stadium with a capacity of 10,000!

For now, I am unsure how much longer I will be with football as I have other agenda but we will see how it goes. For now, the fire is still burning within me but let me see the situation as there are many more mission and vision that I wish to implement for the state that I love very much.

Hidup Johor Demi Johor

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