“We still need to fix our mistakes and work harder in upcoming matches”-Lucho

Regarding the match, what I can say is we did not play well in the first half. But we bounced back in the second half and we fixed several mistakes and played better.

We also made attack after attack until we scored four goals. We are delighted. However, we still need to fix our mistakes and work harder in upcoming matches.

We knew the match against Kuala Lumpur would be a difficult match. So we had to work hard because most teams would play like that, basically sit back and attack.

Regarding Safawi, he showed improvement. He also tried to score goals but was unsuccessful, I feel he played well in the second half. I’m happy because after we made a mistake, we would work hard to address the mistake until all went well.

It’s true our local players are in their best condition. I have talked about this matter with you all that they have gone through a good preseason campaign. All players, regardless of local or foreign players, did well. They proved that the players could play well and do their best.

Luciano Figueroa, Manager and Head Coach of Johor Darul Ta’zim FC

Hidup Johor Demi Johor


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